Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Life?

Imagine a life where you...

increase your energy and resilience, strengthen relationships, and increase productivity! It starts with you first, just as the saying goes, "put your own oxygen mask on first before you assist others"!


Breakthrough the cycle of being constantly pulled by the pressures of everyday life such as the demand to do more with less and constant change.  

In a backdrop of constant change and increasing expectations are you ready to Reclaim Your Life?  

If yes, you understand that it can be challenging...

The world has always been one of change. But as technology evolves and speeds up our lives, something about the changes we face is different. It is a more extreme shift, more rapid and complex, and the challenges more difficult. In the face of this, leaders work harder and faster draining their energy as they do their best to cope.

However, speeding up is not the answer. Whether you are a leader professionally at work or a leader personally in your family, speeding up will burn you out! It is a recipe for burn out and often makes things more complex, consumes more energy and, in the best case, solves only a part of the challenge.  

In fact, studies show when leaders and top teams slow down, they eventually go deeper and faster into achieving their objectives. They deal more effectively with increased complexity and challenges – and they use less energy.  

Here Are Some Recent Stats You Need To Know:  

  • 70% of employees are actively disengaged
  • 58% of employees are unhappy at work
  • 79% of people who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason

The average person will spend more than 1/3 of their life working. It's safe to say our stress level, connection and mindset at work effects our overall energy. Regardless of how hard you try to "push through" or put on a "happy face" your ability to remain energized, present and productive are reduced.

So, what is the difference between the Outrageously Successful and the Chaotically Stuck? 

Why are some individuals able to experience sustainable success and fulfillment and have plenty of energy all day and into the evening – while you may still be wrestling with stress, overwhelm, low energy, health issues, short fuse and loss of connection? 

It’s about implementing the right strategy and establishing personal habits in your life. 

At Possibilities 8, we have developed a proven system that can take any committed person – no matter how little experience or training they have – and energize and equip them to live the life they have always dreamed of living. 

We prepare you with the steps to become clear, confident, courageous and conscious so you can create a life and a business that provides you with abundance and a deep sense of joy and fulfillment along the way. 

Imagine... experiencing a growing sense of peace and clarity as a result of completing a series of time-tested exercises – and establishing habits that increase your energy and resilience, clarify your mission and reconnect you with what gets you up in the morning. Through insights and creative tools such as the Reclaim Your Life course, it’s like having a personal coach by your side, showing you exactly how energy and resilience work and the steps you need to take to live a joyful life from the inside out. 

Introducing The Ultimate Energy-Leadership System…

Through the Reclaim Your Life Course & Mastermind you will...

  • Effectively manage your own personal energy and resilience showing up as your best self 
  • Have a heightened self awareness of “how I show up” and be able to manage interactions forming meaningful connections
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs about what’s possible, recognize your potential by creating a vision and system
  • Be nourished with connection & find solutions to current challenges in the mastermind of like-minded people
  • Tap into your strategic intuition to function more effectively in life and at work
  • Boost your productivity 
  • Construct and enhance relationships-moving beyond coping to embracing complexity
  • Feel more confident, optimistic and grounded

A Powerful Start To Your Journey

Create awareness and tap into the vision for your life…  



In the Orientation Module we ask you to take three powerful steps that lay the foundation for a truly meaningful experience by giving you a holistic view of where you have been regarding your own energy, resilience and personal well-being as well the direction you would like to take your life.  


Redesign Your Journey

In this Module you will discover how your gifts, talents and purpose can be harnessed to inspire you to dream the life that you would love to live and give you confidence to know you have the ability to create it.  


Reboot Your Physical Energy

In this Module you will gain a view of where you have been regarding your own physical energy and nutrition. It equips you with the knowledge that energy is a renewable resource and that there are ways to recharge your energy system.  


Refresh Your Emotional Energy

In this Module we gain a view of where you have been regarding your own Emotional Energy and Resilience. You will also develop the recipe to get out of your head and into your body, trust your gut and feel your way into a joy filled life.  


Renew Your Mental Energy

In this Module you gain a view of where you have been regarding your own mental energy. You are inspired to go within through the practice of mindfulness and meditation finding your power at the core.  


Restore Your Energetic Power

In this Module we gain an understanding of our 7 energy centers (Chakras) in our body and how to connect the circuitry to maintain energy flow. You will be equipped with a technique for harnessing all of your personal resources on your journey to a revitalized you.


Reconnect Your Spiritual Energy

In this Module you gain a holistic view of where you have been regarding your own spiritual energy. It equips and inspires you to live the life that you dream of and you described at the beginning of the course.  



In this Module you will celebrate all you have accomplished on your journey over the past few months! 

  • Create a 120-day action plan for bringing your personal playbook to life 
  • Explore ways to further support your development on the road to your Ideal Life 
  • Be confident and inspired to live the life that you dream of and pursue what you described at the beginning of the course  

Guided By Experts

Karen Hamby is passionate, grounded and deeply committed to helping people grow themselves and their business. She works on the individual’s personal and spiritual evolution advancing the success of their life and business. 

Karen’s story includes 30 years of experience, learning and wisdom as a corporate executive, business owner, master coach, mindfulness trainer and creator of multiple workshops. During her journey Karen has led major transformation for numerous individuals, teams and organizations.

Heather Hamby is a Master Practitioner of Bioenergetics. She utilitzes an integrative approach to wellness based on quantum science and energy medicine. Heather's primary focus is two fold: to remove anything interfering with the true healing potential of the body and to build circuitry to lead our lives as well as attain our dreams.

Heather incorporates a beautiful balance between mind, body, breath and heart. She teaches what the practice of yoga has taught her, as it connects her deeply therefore creating a stronger connection to feeling more and thinking less.

Both Karen and Heather have 20+ years studying and working with Energy Leadership and Healing. As consummate students and teachers, they've witnessed first hand changes within their own lives as well as their clients. To learn more about Karen and Heather, click here to visit our website which includes videos on The Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.

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What You Receive With This Course Experience

We’ve woven together all the elements we know will lead to a significant shift in how you see and manage your life… elements that when combined will literally shift your mindset and enhance your wellbeing. 

With each step you will define one more component of your overall plan, allowing you to become more clear, confident and focused at every turn.  

With your course registration you will receive… 

  • Six months access to Karen’s Online Learning Center where you’ll access easy-to-view videos and powerful audio trainings that equip you to practice all you are learning.  
  • Go at your own pace with easy 24 hour access to the online coursework, materials and recorded mastermind calls.
  • Email support which ensures you always have someone to turn to get the support and answers you need.  
  • Participation in 9 LIVE Mastermind calls with Karen and Heather during which you will celebrate wins, get answers to your questions and get clear about what next steps will move you closer to your vision.  
  • Our proprietary 3-Step Pre-course Orientation designed to assess where you are now in life and where you want to be at the end of the course. This gives you tangible results with your own personal data report.
  • Powerful Bonuses. We want to make this an irresistible offer by including multiple bonus trainings and an energetic clearing with a Master Bio-Energy Practitioner.  

Bonus #1

Private Consulting Session with Karen: To ensure you make the most of the Reclaim Your Life course, we’re including not just 1 but 3 private, one-on-one strategy session with Karen. Imagine having Karen’s brain on your life plan… reviewing your progress, tackling a challenge, optimizing an opportunity and celebrating your success. This is a $900 value alone and our gift to you to make sure you are experiencing the breakthroughs, insights and increased energy and resilience that we know are possible. *Your private sessions will be scheduled after the completion of the 3rd course Module.  

Bonus #2

Clearing On Call: Let Heather, our Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine lead you through an energetic clearing to release the blocked energy stopping you from attaining your vision for your life. Heather has an amazing approach to breaking down the fear, doubt, worry and overwhelm that can hold you back from achieving the life of your dreams. She will be an Expert cofacilitating on our live calls. This is a $249 value!  

What Are People Saying About The Reclaim Your Life Course & Mastermind?

You are the sweetest and most amazing angels in our life!!!!!! My heart is filled with such joy and gratitude for both of your support through my journey!!  

I hope you know what a special gift you are in my life. Thank you for your energy and your willingness to share and teach others!  

The past 6 months have been one of the most difficult times in my life, I would not have been able to get through it so smoothly without being part of the RYL Course and Mastermind!  

I am so glad I did this now. I cannot think of a time I needed it more in my life.  

My heart is filled with such joy and gratitude for both of your support through my journey!  

Since I've been in this coursework and doing the techniques, I haven't been sick in over a year.

I can’t thank you enough for all your insightful questioning and advice - means so much to me!

I’m so very grateful for this opportunity, I have been preparing for the past 6-12 months for my business to grow. Using many of the techniques I’ve learned with you, my business has doubled in a short span of time.

A Learning Method That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

Each Module comes with audios or videos that address the blocks, challenges and barriers that may stop you from stepping powerfully into your potential. You’ll actually look forward to diving in to discover the missing pieces you’ve been looking for to take your life to the next level.  

Before advancing to the next module you will be given clear, concise, easy-to-implement steps you can take to put into practice all that you have learned. You’ll be amazed at the big shifts that come from seemingly small steps. Imagine the pleasant surprise of how easily you will begin to experience significant shifts in how you see and grow yourself on a daily basis.  

Join Reclaim Your Life Course & Mastermind Today!

A journey that will allow you to reclaim your life becoming a more effective leader of your own life and those you lead.

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Flexible online course - go at your own pace 
  • Create a mastermind and collaborate with like-minded peers 
  • Gain further insights with live mastermind calls